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Shopping Aid required / Einkaufshilfe erforderlich

PLZ: 99084
Ort: Erfurt
Eintragstyp: Ich suche

Translation (Google Translate):

Hello everyone,

I live with my wife and 2 children (8 years and 4 years old) in Erfurt. I had to go to India for family reasons last month and returned on June 12th. I tested RTPCR while boarding and the results were negative. I don't have any Covid 19 symptoms, but health regulations require me to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

Now I need support to deliver my daily needs such as milk, quark, water, vegetables, etc. to my home. I have checked online portals such as Rewe, Edeka, Amazon fresh, etc., but no one delivers to my location.

Can someone suggest an online portal that delivers groceries to your home (preferably same day)?

If not, can someone buy groceries and have them delivered to my home?

I only speak / understand the English language. I can pay in cash or by bank transfer.

Thank you and have a nice weekend ahead of us,


Original text

Hello Everyone,

I am staying in Erfurt with wife and 2 kids (8 years and 4 year old). I had to go to India last month due to family urgency and i returned back on 12th June. I tested RTPCR while boarding flight and results were negative. I do not have any symptoms of Covid 19 but as per health regulations, I have to stay in 14 days mandatory quarantine. 

Now i need support to get daily needs like milk, curd, water, vegetables etc. delivered at home. I checked online portals like Rewe, Edeka, Amazon fresh etc but no one delivers at my location.

Can someone suggest online portal which delivers groceries at home (preferably on same day)?

If not then, can someone buys groceries and deliver at my home?

I speak / understand english language only. I can pay in cash or bank transfer.

Thanks and have a nice weekend ahead,


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